What I can offer

Are you planning to enter the World of Medical Thermography?

Whether you are a new beginner or have some experience in medical aspects of thermography and are planning become more involved, whether it be from a business or a scientific point of view, perhaps I can be of help.


What can I offer?

Over the years the use of infrared thermography in medicine, both human and veterinary, has proven itself to be extremely useful.  New and innovative uses of thermography are regularly being reported in the scientific literature, both in humans and in animals. Recent developments in camera technology with falling prices have partly contributed but an increasing awareness of the advantage of combining thermography with other imaging and physiological measuring modalities has also played its part. Unfortunately there has also been some areas and/or uses of IR thermography that have not lived up to our expectations. This often relates to inexperience and, unfortunately, in many cases, incompetent individuals often setting up businesses that offer medical thermography screening services with claims to be able to diagnose a large variety of medical conditions without sound scientific evidence.  I mention these aspects simply because I wish to make it very clear to prospective clients that I am only interested in helping those who are genuinely interested in using this technology in a scientifically correct way. Like any imaging technology in medicine,  IR thermography also has its limitations. However, when used correctly this technology has huge potential.

Introductory Courses in Medical Thermography: I have organised and personally run 2 introductory 2-day courses in Norwegian in Oslo Norway (2014 & 2015). These courses have been run in collaboration with a private company in Oslo (PresisjonsTeknikk AS) who, among other things, sell Infrared cameras. It should be noted none of the participants were in any way obliged to purchase thermography equipment from this company. I received top grades in anonymous post course evaluations as I have also done in my capacity as a University Lecturer in Physiology for many years.

In addition, I have been involved as an instructor in several introductory courses on Medical Thermography organised by the European Association of Thermograpyt (EAT).

Planning of scientific projects: As a scientist I have been involved for many years in planning and carrying out scientific research projects ranging from 5th year Medical student projects, through Master and Ph.D. projects to larger collaborative projects, for example with the Norwegian Armed Forces. If a situation arises that a client wishes that I should also be actively involved in carrying out a scientific project beyond that of being purely a consultant then this should be clearly agreed up in writing and the Vancouver Rules should apply (see below).

Camera advice: While I have used several different infrared cameras over the years I do not regard myself as an expert in Infrared Camera Technology. Yes, I can give some basic general advice on, for example, purchasing a camera, but beyond that I  will leave it up to the client to obtain this information for themselves, for example from the camera manufactures/salespersons.

Vancouver rules: I have no demands about being a co-author on a any scientific article, publication of any type, congress participant etc arising from scientific research for which I have been paid for as a consultant unless this has been clearly and explicitly agreed upon in writing by the client involved. If this should be the case then the Vancouver Rules have to be followed.

Confidentiality Agreement: All consultancy activities will be carried out with strict confidentiality. If required by the client a formal Confidentiality Agreement (statement) will be made.

Interpretation of Medical Images: Beyond scientific projects etc for which I am being paid for as a consultant I am not available for interpreting Medical Thermography images (thermograms) of any kind.

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